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Love That Heals

If you'd like to make a positive change to this dying world, here's a book to help. Bill Chambers shows down-to-earth ways to make a difference. He explains why Satan has had so much success in getting Christians to portray God wrongly to the rest of the world. Bill gives us a picture of God that matches the image Jesus revealed to humanity when He was on Earth.


Bill has written a series of 3 great books that can be read in any order. I’m not aware of many trilogy type books that can pull this off. They are:


Questions at the Cross

Models of Salvation

Love That Heals


I've recommended this book to my family and friends, as well as to my patients in my family practice. It's an Rx for your entire being: mind, body, and soul.


The audio book of this fine book now allows you to both enjoy yourself, let alone share it with others.  Having the audio option, can be a great tool so folks can find the time to enjoy the great insights that are refreshing.


The audio book is out now also.  I love how one can now enjoy books while doing daily activities that won’t allow them to read.

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