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Vegan Ice Cream Recipe

Dr George's Vegan Ice Cream Recipe: 


I’ve had a blast working on various recipes.  I tend to work on those that tie to vegan, and Vegan Ice Cream has been my most time tested.  I almost went commercial with Dr. George’s Ice Cream.


With the recipe comes this friendly challenge:  “I will seriously consider making other healthy choices to balance out any sugar/fat that I am taking in.  So I will plan to find some way to add some exercise that I enjoy; drink more water; laugh more from quality humor; and guard my sleep more!


Vegan Ice Cream—-

3 cups of Almond milk (Plain / Vanilla / Chocolate) + all varieties from 30 calories to 110 )

1 cup Non-Dairy Creamer - Riches is great one or one can use Soy Creamers (most regular non-dairy are dairy— has whey). 

1 Small Pudding mix (your choice flavor-- Jello is vegan)

Helpful to add 1/8 teaspoon of GUM powder

Chocolate, Pistachio, Oreo, &  Vanilla*  flavors are my most frequent ones, but I've recently added old fashion peanut butter & chocolate sauce is a real winner.   Mint chocolate chip is a fun one also!


*Vanilla -- to be creamer--one can go with 1.5 to 2 cups of creamer helps this recipe.  


Vegan deserts—


word of mouth————


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Avatar Google Articles 6 years ago
I've read the book and really enjoyed it. I like the idea of some exercises to do at the end of each.