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I'm taking a survey. It has to do on how serious genuine mature followers of Jesus will be able to be better ambassadors for the real God. Below shows how we have dropped the ball on the gospel that folks have heard from most "Christians."

After seeing the first link, what do you think Jesus would say to that last question "From what?" (Click on the same picture of Jesus standing at the door. It is the on the left, 3rd picture down and enjoy the animation.)

Then go to this link to see what my current top answer is. I'll be posting the top 10 answers in the near future and plan to update as I get more responses!

P.S. This has been a fun conversation starter when you even give people the verbal picture and fill in the conversation. for the counterfeit one, I change my voice from friendly to one that is more of a gangster type voice!

Here is the first link: