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Will the Real Jesus Stand Up?


Open the Door for the Real Jesus—NOT the Anti-Jesus!


The stakes can’t be higher!  You need to get this one right!  If you open the door to the Anti-Jesus—you will be a captive and slave to countless forces.  Your will to live will dry up and blow away.


If you open the door to the Real-JESUS— you will have a peace, contentment, joy, kindness, adventures without end—that will never end.  


So how do I get this right?  


Ask the Spirit of Truth to guide you daily in how you listen and respond to the Real Jesus “that rather die than live without you.” (Michael Card)  This part of the God-head —will guide any and all through so that counterfeits will not ultimately make a fool out of you. 


Here are a wealth of other resources that I have found to be helpful in my journey on this dying planet that God will someday restore and plant the Capital of the Cosmos here!


Do yourself a favor and check these out:


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Strength & Honor,


Dr. George