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Life is busy for most folks.  Thus my reason for not posting.  Generally I'll try and keep my thoughts brief, but look forward to introducing you and those in your community of family and friends.   See links to follow that are worth checking into!  Sure it is a bit of a fruit salad, but enjoy the diversity!   (Hope to go into more details soon on these!)


- Healthy Margin to help bring us out of overload or keep us from it!  Here is the link:


- Just talked to a quality Dentist that is also thumbs up on a great book that has great insights as to both how Satan has distorted the Gospel- and yet shows how it is being restored to it's untainted / uncorrupted state.   Bill Chambers does a great job with "Love that Heals."   From audio books (allows you to fly through books, to ebooks, or literal books--you will not regret reading this:


- I use to think archeology to be boring.  But no more!   Check this out and see just how God has the "the rocks crying out!"


More when time allows!